About us

SOULFOOD company was founded in 2005, with the aim of becoming one of the leading distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the city of Belgrade, and then in the surrounding area.

The quality of the offer, the professionalism of the service, the reliability of the delivery, the affordable prices, the expansion of the range and the conquest of new markets, were the principles we were guided by from the very beginning

With a professional approach to business, we managed to gain the trust of the leading food producers on the Serbian market. Thus, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, Apatin Brewery, Knjaz Milos, Carlsberg, Atlantic, Marbo and Bambi became our associates in the first years of business.

We can proudly point out that SOULFOOD is a recognizable brand on the market and that all business associates consider our company to be a reputable and desirable business partner.